Thank you for considering Hardin-Simmons大学 as a home your home away from home while studying in the United States. HSU offers a number of graduate programs for you to consider as an 国际 student. Some of our graduate programs are offered on our campus in Abilene, 德州, 美国, 而其他研究生课程是完全在线的. 请按照 国际招生截止日期 and also the step-by-step guide for graduate 国际 admissions 当你申请HSU时.

和往常一样,如果你有任何问题,请发邮件给我们 国际.admissions@roundhouserestoration.net. 我们是来帮忙的!

To apply for graduate 国际 admissions at HSU, please follow these steps:

Start your 国际 graduate admission application to HSU today! T在这里 is a $50 application fee that can be paid through your profile any time prior to being admitted. 创建个人资料并提交在线申请. 现在申请,请点击这里.

请同时留意 国际招生截止日期 当你申请HSU时.

需要协助申请? 请看下面的视频教程:

HSU的国际招生程序很简单. We need the following items to consider you for admission at HSU as an 国际 graduate student:

  1. 提交你本科大学的成绩单. If undergraduate course work is completed at a university outside the U.S., HSU需要一个 PG电子游戏评估课程报告.  *HSU does not require an IEE transcript evaluation for individuals who received an undergraduate degree from a university inside the U.S.
  2. 支付研究生申请费. 50美元不可退还.00 USD application fee is due for all graduate 国际 admission applications. This fee can be paid through your application profile anytime prior to being admitted.
  3. Submit either 托福考试, 雅思考试, or a Duolingo English proficiency test score. Minimum English proficiency requirements for graduate admission to HSU are:
测试 分数 测试中心 考试日期
托福考试 79* 查看考试中心和日期
雅思考试 6.5* 查看考试中心和日期
Duolingo 95* 在线 要求

* HSU不需要托福, 雅思考试, or Duolingo score for individuals who have attended a university inside the U.S.

4. Supplemental documents will be required for various graduate programs.

为了在美国学习, 国际 students must complete a few immigration requirements with HSU:

  1. 护照复印件. 提交护照复印件.
  2. 提供财务支持的声明. Before a Form I-20 can be issued, students must complete a signed 财务支持声明表 and include supporting evidence; i.e. 银行对账单、储蓄账户等. 您还需要将这些文件提交给美国移民局.S. 在申请签证的时候到领事馆.
  3. 缴纳入学保证金. Pay your enrollment deposit ($3,000 USD) and secure your spot at HSU. This enrollment deposit also acts as your first payment to your school tuition and fees. The enrollment deposit will be paid via credit card through the HSU admission portal or via wire transfer. 如需电汇付款,请发邮件至我们的办公室 国际.admissions@roundhouserestoration.net 详细说明.
  4. 报名参加I-20运输. To sign up for HSU to ship your I-20 document you with need to visit our partner SASS-SmartShip网站. 一旦你注册了, select Hardin-Simmons大学 from the drop-down menu to create your I-20 shipment. HSU will receive a shipping label in order to quickly mail your I-20. Once your document has been shipped, you will receive a notification so you can monitor delivery.
  5. 支付SEVIS费用. 要支付SEVIS费用,请联系以下官员 国土安全部网站在这里. 有关支付SEVIS费用的说明,请参阅此 视频教程.
  6. 安排签证面谈. To schedule your visa interview you will need to visit the following U.S. 美国国务院网站. 在您的签证面谈之前,您需要查看 F-1签证面谈清单 面试的时候带上这些东西. 下载此列表的纸质副本 在这里.

After you are admitted to the university and have completed your immigration requirements, t在这里 are a few additional items for you to complete in order to register for classes and then prepare for your arrival to HSU:

  1. 完成协议条款. The terms of agreement will need to be completed prior to registration every semester. 你可透过下列方式在中大中心填写:
    • 登录到 许中央 使用您的用户名和密码
    • 进入自助服务菜单(右侧)的“学生”
    • 选择“注册”
    • 选择“协议条款”
    • 阅读协议条款,接受并提交
  2. 接受华中大学奖学金. You will need to accept your scholarships by going to 许中央 and in the Self-Service right side menu, clicking Students and then Financial 援助>Financial 援助 Information.
  3. 注册课程. Respond to advising e-mail in order to register for classes by going to 许中央 and in the Self-Service right side menu, clicking Students and then Academic Profile>My class schedule.

HSU will assist with your arrival to our campus by providing transportation service from the Abilene Regional Airport, 当你到达时,也会确保你的住房准备好. 为你的到来做准备, the following items must be completed:

  1. 完成一个 住房要求 在中大. Your housing request needs to be completed 在中大 by following these 房屋申请说明. If you have any questions please contact your 国际 admissions counselor or the Residence Life department by phone at+1 (325) 670-1252 or via email at residencelife@roundhouserestoration.net.
  2. 完成 学生健康表格 在MedProctor. The student health form needs to be completed and filled out by your healthcare provider. 请注意, 脑膜炎免疫接种(22岁以下), MMR疫苗接种(两剂) , and a Tuberculosis screening are required immunizations when studying at HSU.
  3. 完成 到达表和检查出发前的核对表. 为你的到来做准备, please complete the arrival form and review the pre-departure checklist before you travel. HSU will assist with your arrival to our campus by providing transportation service from the Abilene Regional Airport, 当你到达时,也会确保你的住房准备好.

International students are required to make their first payment toward their student account prior to their arrival to the HSU campus. Please make sure your first payment is made through 许中央 by the following payment due dates:


  • 秋季:8月1日
  • 1月5日

看一看 循序渐进的指导 使用“缴费通”在中大进行首次付款. For instructions on how to wire funds, contact the HSU 业务办公室 at businessoffice@roundhouserestoration.net or +1 (325) 670-1001.


重要的最后期限 & 国际招生日期

In order to have the greatest chance of acceptance and arrival to HSU as an 国际 student, please complete your application and submit all of the required documents by these important dates.




We are so excited you have decided to join our HSU family and we will assist you with your arrival to campus as a new student. 当你准备来HSU学习时, this link will direct you to a checklist for your arrival to campus as an 国际 student.




We love International students at HSU and have a dedicated office with a caring staff who will support you while you are studying in the United States. 把HSU当成你的家外之家!